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I started making soap because I was worried about the potential effects of the chemicals in the shower gels and shampoos my children were using. I wanted something that would get them clean, while caring for their skin, without doing any damage. My intention was to make liquid soaps, to replace the shower and hand gels we had been using. All of the advice I received about soap making, was to start with making hard soap, using the traditional cold processed method. I planned to master this simpler method, before moving onto making liquid. However, once we had started using the bars of soap I had made, we all fell in love with the soap and it took me another three years before I made the liquid soap! I became addicted to making soap, and soon found that I had too much to give away and needed to start selling it.

While I try to ensure all of my ingredients are natural, many of my customers have asked for products that can only be affordably made using high quality toiletry fragrance oils. All of the other ingredients in my soap and candles are natural.

While my first love will always be the soap, I decided to extend into candles and soy melts, as an excuse to continue to experiment with essential oil blends. I feel that each of my complement each other, to provide an all round luxurious experience for body and mind. And they are great for men and women, adults and children alike.

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